This book starts a series of editions dedicated to autobiographic texts of artists. ​​​​​​​RODOVID publishing house.
Choice of memoirs of Kazimir Malevich as the first text is not arbitrary - these texts are often remembered in discussions about artist's connection to Ukraine. Furthermore, this exciting, saturated text remains primary source of evidence about
life of the painter. Malevich remembers his childhood and adolescence, family, friends, studies and everything that helped him to become an artist.
Memories of the painter were printed before, but this is the first full edition in Ukraine. It was arranged by Anastasia Bilousova, project coordinator in RODOVID Press. The original language of Kazimir Malevich is fully preserved.
Autobiography of the artist was (re)read by Jenya Polosina and Anna Ivanenko Seri/graph studio. Their illustrations "wrapped" memories of Malevich into an artbook.

Dust jacket for the book. Handmade screen printed limited edition, two colors, 50 copies.