February-March 2022.
We Are Safe, the Bomb Shelter Is Fine.

Notes from the start of the Russian invasion.
Sasha, Vika and family left Bucha on March 12.
They spent two weeks in the basement because of the constant shelling near next to their house.
Our other friend’s parents left the village near Gostomel on March 13, two missiles hit their house on February 27. They spent the next weeks in the basement as well. Our closest ones stayed alive, but this is not a happy ending story. They, us, and millions of Ukrainians had to leave homes and flee the war, millions do not have such an opportunity and still stay without light, heating, connection, and water in Mariupol, Volnovakha, Severodonetsk, Irpin, and other places. Several cities are being occupied where every day thousands of courageous people go to protest in front of the russian tanks.